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Friday, June 22, 2018


Click here to download the TB World Day Community Engagement report March 2016 document.

CAB Planned Events                                               

South Africa is struggling with an escalating MDR-TB burden, recently aggravated by the emergence of XDR-TB. World TB Day provides the opportunity for affected persons and communities, civil society organizations, healthcare providers, and government to call for further action to reach people who have been infected and affected with TB.

Overall Aim of planned activities around TB World Day is to:

  • Build public awareness on MDR -TB, XDR-TB, and TB clinical research.
  • Identify TB contacts through TB screenings for possible treatment.
  • Build support for intensified Case finding to decrease defaulter rate.
  • Provide an opportunity for the CAB to be actively involved in community education.

World TB Day will be hosted in collaboration with the Department of Health City of Johannesburg. Five main activities planned for this year’s World TB Day are:

  • Region B: Community TB dialogue Westbury Recreation Center
  • Region B: Community outreach Helen Joseph Taxi Rank
  • Region A: Community outreach at Faith based organization

 1.    11th March TB Dialogue Westbury Recreation Center

On the 7th of March CHRU, CAB and the Department of Health will target Westbury NGO’s: Jozi Hlomile, Kathrada, Slovopark and civil society to provide community awareness through open dialogue sessions on TB and HIV.

The community dialogue sessions will be used as a platform for the community to discuss and present ideas, challenges, issues and solutions that may bring TB  infections rates down. CAB members from CHRU will present a drama educating communities about TB clinical research whilst highlighting the challenges and the benefits of participating in a clinical trial. Treatment adherence support, stigma reduction will also be on the agenda. Furthermore, the Department of Health will present the progress that has been made thus far in support of TB prevention programmes. We are aiming to reach 300 people, given the presence of NGO’s, health promoters and the community. An MDR-infected patient from TB Focal Point will share her journey thereafter a health promoter will discuss issues of (MDR) TB transmission in households and emphasize the importance of testing family members, especially children.

2.    20th March outreach to Methodist Church Diepsloot

New cases of infectious TB should be diagnosed and reported as early as possible in the course of the illness so curative treatment can be initiated. However, delays in case detection and reporting continue to occur; these delays are attributed to lack of understanding about TB. Community leaders can use their positions to influence others on behavioral change and can bring more awareness on the TB diseases. The church might play an important role in bringing awareness about TB diseases. CHRU and CAB members will visit   a Methodist church in the township of Diepsloot.  A CAB member will educate the congregation about the TB disease educate about the signs, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. HIV testing and TB screenings will be conducted.3.     24th March: Outreach  Helen Joseph taxi rank

Most patients at Helen Joseph Hospital rely on minibus taxis daily to transport them from their homes to the hospital. However, a 2013 study modeling the role of public transportation in sustaining tuberculosis transmission in South Africa, found that taxis carried the greatest risk in escalating the TB diseases. The most widely used mode of transport could be carrying a MDR TB or an XDR TB passenger.

Taxi drivers in particular have a high risk of contracting TB due to their continual exposure to different passengers within an enclosed, poorly ventilated space. In addition, due to awkward working hours they often do not have time to attend to their health needs.

The Clinical HIV Research, TB Focal Point and the Department of Health will provide TB screenings for taxi drivers and commuters. People diagnosed with TB symptoms will be tested and followed up at TB Focal Point. HIV counseling and testing will be done. People tested HIV positive will be referred to Thembalethu Clinic for a follow up. Information on clinical research will be shared; including pamphlets, condoms and posters which will be distributed. We are anticipating attracting 250 people, given the volumes of commuters in the taxi ranks. In order to draw attention a DJ will provide entertainment. Branded caps and arm bands with TB prevention messages will be distributed.


The CHRU Community Advisory Board (CAB) conducted an outreach at the Wits University Campus Square on 5 March 2016. They distributed 2980 condoms, 2880 male, and 100 female.


A Community Advisory Board (CAB) consists of a group of volunteers with the common purpose of serving their communities, integrating community involvement in the AIDS Clinical Trials Units (ACTUs) in order to advance HIV & AIDS research.  Members include different stakeholders, professionals and community members infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.  Established by the CHRU Research Unit in 2002, this CAB is still going from strength to strength.  Its own constitution guides the CAB members on procedures and guidelines to follow.

The CHRU CAB meets every second month, and is led by the elected Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary and Deputy Secretary, whose term of office lasts for two years.  Within CAB, there are 8 executive board members, who are responsible for planning all the meetings and outreach events. CHRU is proud that two of its CAB Members are sitting on International ACTG Subcommittees such as the Community Scientific Subcommittee (CSS) and Global Community Advisory Board (G-CAB)





—  Discuss community and site needs

—  Participate in CAB conference calls

—  Complete the ACTG CAB survey/questionnaires

—  Set CAB meeting, events, agendas and goals

—  Assist with CAB member training


—  Community viewpoint

—  Outreach to a greater community

—  Advice on educational needs

—  Link to the community

—  Peer counselling

—  Recruitment suggestions


Treatment and prevention of

·         HIV/AIDS

·         Cancer

·         TB


—  Dept. of Health Director (City of JHB)

—  Cancer Buddies

—  Cancer Association

—  Breast Health Foundation

—  Informal settlement leaders (e.g. Zamimpilo and Malatjie)

—  School Principal e.g. Westbury High school

—  Bethel Home of Care

—  Alexander Mall Manager (activities/outreach)


In addition the CAB members from the various hospitals attached to CHRU, meet for an Annual General Meeting in October.  This forum is used to learn from other CAB members and learn from each other’s experiences, meeting with principal investigators who share research updates and achievements, as well as increasing the pool of stakeholder relationships by helping each other.  The AGM has the full backing and support of the Unit.

Click here to download CAB OUTREACH REPORT (July-Oct).docx