Clinical Trials – HIV-associated cancers – upcoming studies

Upcoming Studies

We will be embarking on the following clinical trial:

Covenant Study


Protocol number title: AMC-099 A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial of HPV Vaccination to Reduce Cervical High-Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions Among HIV-Infected Women Participating in an HPV Test-and-Treat Program

PI Interventional / Observational Closed/ Ongoing Start/
end date
Network Funders/ sponsors
Dr Carla Chibwesha Intervention Pending AIDS Malignancy Consortium AIDS Malignancy Consortium

The upcoming COVENANT study, chaired by CHRU researchers and sponsored by the AIDS Malignancies Consortium (AMC),will investigate whether women at high risk for recurrent cervical disease should receive the HPV vaccine in addition to standard treatment for cervical pre-HIV-cancers. The study will enrol 536 women from seven sites in Africa including South AfricaWomen will be monitored for two years.